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Welcome to Memoirs, the update log of! This is where you'll find all the latest changes and additions to the domain. If you're looking for an update for a particular site on the network, check out the archive section above. Individual site updates can be navigated by browsing the tags. Please keep in mind that older entries may contain outdated links.


Log Layout Up

Happy New Year!

I finally got a layout up for my update log… Looks familiar right? I basically recycled the design on my contents section from my domain’s. In addition to that, I was indeed lazy to make a new design for my entries. However, I did slightly tweaked the colors to coordinate it with the main layout itself. Now it’s not as boring and plain as it was before and my log section is actually worth looking into this time!

As for any network updates, Aelyn and I have updated all our fanlistings in terms of coding and a couple of wordings here and there which no one probably would actually take notice of. I’ve also opened a couple fanlistings last year which I haven’t mentioned here at all, but if you haven’t visited them yet, check out Enamour. I apologize for the lack of updates. I’m still lurking around the net, but I honestly have slowed down a bit on the updates. I can’t be certain how frequent I’ll be updating anything, but I am updating something around the network here and there!

tags: revamp, new


Revamped FLs

As part of the project revamp, Aelyn and I have revamped a couple of fanlistings that really needed a long, overdue layout change. Check out the new designs that we revamped below. If you would like to compare our old work from the new ones, visit our layout archive.

  1. Final Fantasy VIII: Quistis Trepe—Games
  2. Inuyasha: Miroku—Anime Characters
  3. Gods and Goddesses—Mythology/Religion
tags: revamp, fanlistings, FFVIII: Quistis Trepe, Inuyasha: Miroku, Gods and Goddesses



I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates. If you’ve been following our Twitter accounts, we are active there about our new sites than here, but we’ll try to make update here too from now on! There are a couple fanlistings that we’ve opened as well as other sites within the past few months:

I just recently opened my very first shrine for our network! Check out Draconique, a tribute to Clair from the Pokémon series. Mind you, Clair’s simply my favorite trainer for her love of dragon-type Pokémon. Thank you Megan for allowing me to participate in the Herald Eight marathon and motivating me to get my first shrine done!

Aside from the shrine I was so excited about, we are proud to announce that we have new affiliates for both Celestialis and Skylude. Please give them a warm visit on your way out! We’ve slightly updated our affiliation rules as well. Please do take the time to read them if you are interested in affiliating with us!

Project Revamp
We will be revamping a couple of sites that are in dire need of a layout change starting from May until July. Keep out an eye of these sites as we will also post them on Twitter!

tags: revamp, new, Draconique, shrine, affiliation


Fanlisting Updates

Good day everyone. A couple of new fanlistings, made by me and Aelyn, are now up on Skylude and a couple fanlistings were updated to a new link as well. On another note, Aelyn got around to upgrade our guestbook to it’s current version. We also have a new layout as well! It features Leon from the series Reine des Fleures. I don’t come across really good-looking Bishounen, but this guy blew my mind! Too hot not to make a layout of this. Anyhow, here are the fanlisting updates.

New Fanlistings

  1. Final Fantasy Type-0 – Games
  2. Final Fantasy VII: Reno – Games
  3. – Websites

Moved Fanlistings

  1. Ah! My Goddess – Anime
  2. Trigun – Anime (major revamp done!)
tags: revamp, fanlistings, Trigun, Ah! My Goddess, FFVII: Reno,, Final Fantasy Type-0