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Welcome to Memoirs, the update log of! This is where you'll find all the latest changes and additions to the domain. If you're looking for an update for a particular site on the network, check out the archive section above. Individual site updates can be navigated by browsing the tags.

12 Jun '24

2024 Revamp Roadmap

A second update... and it's another revamp! This layout in particular was something I've been wanting to change for the longest time, 4 years in fact. When I got approved for the Inuyasha fanlisting, I was never contented with the first layout. I've been kicking myself to change the design, time and time again, but I couldn't find the right images until now. The second skin is a big change to the old one. I pretty much worked myself to death in order to finish this project. I'm happy with the way it turned out, even! I've also given it a new title for this layout. You can still view the older design by simply switching the skins at the footer of the fanlisting itself.

Speaking of revamps, I decided to set myself a goal in completing revamps before the year ends. I will be making another revamp list next year. For now, these will be my priority and wil be done around these months, so stay tuned!

  1. BSSM: Sailor Moon/Sailor Chibi Moon (July-August)
  2. Final Fantasy X-2 (September - October)
  3. Paradise Kiss (November - December)

category: Revamp

03 Jun '24

Pokémon Clique Revamp

This week, I've been focusing more particularly I Choose You!, the Pokémon clique. I'm happy there's a lot of Pokémon fans and also nice to see the clique is thriving! However, although there are many submissions, I'm still unfortunately rejecting a few as well. There are two common problems why applicants are rejected:

  1. Code isn't up BEFORE joining
  2. It takes forever for me to find the code based on the link-to-code given provided on their application
That said, I revamped and moved the rules when the "Join" navigation is clicked. The link to the actual join form is then placed at the bottom of the rules when the user has read and understood the rules. I've also made the bullet points larger to read. Hopefully I won't have to be rejecting more in the future.

With the rules update also comes with a new layout for the Pokémon clique! I know, I know it's another cute, pastel layout, but I can't help it! I'm not sure how this all happened, but I suppose I've been fixing an old layout that should've been changed a long time ago. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the new look!

category: Clique

19 May '24

Caelestis v2

The long-overdue layout change for Caelestis is finally here and getting on to really work on the coding was the main kick-start to actually completing this design. Before you know it, the first theme that got released about 4 years ago went by in a blink of an eye!

The main design wasn't quite the problem. I will admit though, the format is similar to the previous one and that's because I like how each section isn't identical to the other making it unique, so I kept it. With that said, I focused more on the coding aspect and converted from coding tables to DIV. Looking through the source, everything seems more organized and unkempt. In addition, many sections to the domain were revamped such as improving my English, removed dead links, reorganized a few sections, so there's still notable changes within the domain. Unfortunately, there aren't new sites released as I plan to focus more on giving old designs that have been stagnant for years with a new facelift. This is to also stay updated with HTML 5 coding so I don't lag behind with my rusty coding.

Moving on to fanlistings, I've closed a couple simply because I'm no longer interested with the subjects. There wasn't anyone via KIM that sent any interests with the subjects either. I will still, however, keep the SQL files associated with the closed subjects.

category: Caelestis

29 Mar '24

Enamour v2

It's been 4 years since the last release of Enamour's first layout. I personally didn't think the years would go by so quick. The previous layout really stood its time until Aelyn brought it up! By brainstorming some ideas how we could change the look of the next theme, I felt using a design inspired by Persona 5 would be a great idea. In fact, it's been months since this idea was proposed and we eventually pushed through. After Aelyn completed the main layout, the rest of it (front-end coding and design) was made by yours truly. The simple and clean design of this art is what makes this layout so catchy and truly makes this layout everything that it is. I love the images, the colors (pops of reds, grays, and whites), the formatting, everything. Overall, it's one of my favorite layouts of Enamour to date, until we change it to a new layout that is!

On another note, I Choose You, a Pokémon has reached 200 members! Unfortunately, I have not checked whether some members' sites are up-to-date and has linked to me. Therefore, there will be an expected member pruning sometime around May. I will send an advanced notice to all members around the first week of April; sites will be checked as well as codes to the clique. This will give everyone to update their sites in a timely manner.

category: Enamour

07 Feb '24


I'm excited to announce that my second clique is online. It's based on one of my favorite game, Kingdom Hearts! Here you can adopt a little sprite of the keyblade in all of its' different forms. One of the main reasons why I decided to revive this clique was because I love how every keyblades were designed. It would be such a shame for a clique that once existed years back to be forgotten. I'm currently working on the exit page in which link back buttons and links to other cliques that will soon to follow. Until then, please visit Whimsical, pick your favorite keyblade, and become a keyblade master today!

category: Clique

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