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Welcome to Memoirs, the update log of! This is where you'll find all the latest changes and additions to the domain. If you're looking for an update for a particular site on the network, check out the archive section above. Individual site updates can be navigated by browsing the tags. Please keep in mind that older entries may contain outdated links.


Fanlistings and Layout Update

I currently have a PSD file sitting in my hard drive for almost a year now. From time to time, I go back to edit because I felt the layout for my update log isn’t complete or something on it felt lacklustre. I also go around lurking in Deviantart for inspirations and ideas as well such as trying out new fonts, blends, textures, etc. I’m sure this wait will be all worth it. In the meantime, I did have a few fanlistings that I got approved for so that also detered in completing the layout for this site. I’m thrilled to announce three new fanlistings added onto the network:

  1. NANA—Anime Series
  2. Pokemon: Flareon—Anime Characters
  3. Ayashi no Ceres (Celestial Legend)—Anime Series
tags: fanlistings, NANA, Pokemon: Flareon, Ayashi no Ceres