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Welcome to Memoirs, the update log of! This is where you'll find all the latest changes and additions to the domain. If you're looking for an update for a particular site on the network, check out the archive section above. Individual site updates can be navigated by browsing the tags.

08 Aug '23

So Far So Good

After weeks trying to find the best contact form that'll fit my needs without worrying spam (for now), I was able to get a new one up and working. Thanks Aelyn for helping me with this! Hopefully this will be here for a good while because the CAPTCHA on the old form apparently doesn't work with the new PHP 8. I've resorted to Google reCAPTCHA with this new code. I've also gotten tired of the old layout and decided I'll stick to a temporary layout integrated with Bootstrap! It looks so clean and I'm slowly liking this new CSS style.

category: Update

16 Jun '23

Approved FLs!

Some month or two ago, I was approved to several of my favorite series to make a fanlisting for! Throughout this process, however, the last two subject listed below kept me busy, mainly because there were no inspiration or whatsoever to get the layout done. A lot of time was also wasted in doing and undoing things, so that after several hours I would have effectively traveled from square one to ten and back again. Personally, I think it was the submission deadline that gave me the push I needed. Nonetheless, please give these fanlistings and let me know what you think!

  1. Angel Sanctuary - Series
  2. Time Stranger Kyoko - Series
  3. Big O - Series

category: Fanlisting

11 Jun '23

Disclosure Beta

Aelyn warned me that the FanUpdate script was already dying and wouldn't be updated in the future, but the PHP 8 upgrade that destroyed the function of the script was the final nail in the coffin... Therefore, Aelyn was generous enough to install her news script for me! In return, I designed a guestbook layout as my way of saying thank you. She went out of her way to help me despite how many areas of the network she needed to update/fix just so that they are working in par with PHP 8. Thank you again! I hope I won't have to change the script for a good while.

category: New

02 Jun '23

Clique Fixes

Since the opening of my Pokemon clique I Choose You!, I was surprised to receive many members, thus been pretty successful so far. I haven't been keeping up with the newer generations of Pokemon, but I did wait it off for a few months until I was able to find someone who was able to design the 2D sprites. Unfortunately, the official sprites for Gen 9 are only available in 3D versions and the thought of uploading 3D won't match with the previous generations that are already in 2D. Even so, I've uploaded them all at some point in time, but didn't realize that almost half of the sprites appeared broken. That said, I apologize for those that wanted to download them before. It's fixed now and I also processed a few more members as well!

category: Clique

28 May '23

FL Revamp

The fanlisting for Neon Genesis Evangelion got revamped with a new layout included! Mind you, the old layout was screaming to me for a revamp as it's been ages since it needed one. I haven't felt so compelled to design this layout until I came across this image in which I finished with pure willpower. Each time I have an upcoming project that requires to be finished before the deadline, I somehow find myself revamping an existing fanlisting. I get sidetracked often, but multi-tasking seem to have an inspiration effect on me. Whenever I feel uninspired from one thing, another thing I do will usually strike me and motivate me to build the layout.

category: Revamp

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