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Archive for the category "Clique"

07 Feb '24


I'm excited to announce that my second clique is online. It's based on one of my favorite game, Kingdom Hearts! Here you can adopt a little sprite of the keyblade in all of its' different forms. One of the main reasons why I decided to revive this clique was because I love how every keyblades were designed. It would be such a shame for a clique that once existed years back to be forgotten. I'm currently working on the exit page in which link back buttons and links to other cliques that will soon to follow. Until then, please visit Whimsical, pick your favorite keyblade, and become a keyblade master today!

category: Clique

02 Jun '23

Clique Fixes

Since the opening of my Pokemon clique I Choose You!, I was surprised to receive many members, thus been pretty successful so far. I haven't been keeping up with the newer generations of Pokemon, but I did wait it off for a few months until I was able to find someone who was able to design the 2D sprites. Unfortunately, the official sprites for Gen 9 are only available in 3D versions and the thought of uploading 3D won't match with the previous generations that are already in 2D. Even so, I've uploaded them all at some point in time, but didn't realize that almost half of the sprites appeared broken. That said, I apologize for those that wanted to download them before. It's fixed now and I also processed a few more members as well!

category: Clique

02 Mar '21

I Choose You!

Got around to complete my own little clique of my favorite series. Took me ages to finish since I had to turn the theme into pastel colors to compliment the main design itself. But all in all, it's finished now and I have to say that I am very satisfied. Do check out I Choose You! a clique where you can claim a Pokémon of your choice. I hope to see you all join on your part!

category: Clique

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