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03 Jun '24

Pokémon Clique Revamp

This week, I've been focusing more particularly I Choose You!, the Pokémon clique. I'm happy there's a lot of Pokémon fans and also nice to see the clique is thriving! However, although there are many submissions, I'm still unfortunately rejecting a few as well. There are two common problems why applicants are rejected:

  1. Code isn't up BEFORE joining
  2. It takes forever for me to find the code based on the link-to-code given provided on their application
That said, I revamped and moved the rules when the "Join" navigation is clicked. The link to the actual join form is then placed at the bottom of the rules when the user has read and understood the rules. I've also made the bullet points larger to read. Hopefully I won't have to be rejecting more in the future.

With the rules update also comes with a new layout for the Pokémon clique! I know, I know it's another cute, pastel layout, but I can't help it! I'm not sure how this all happened, but I suppose I've been fixing an old layout that should've been changed a long time ago. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the new look!

category: Clique