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Welcome to Memoirs, the update log of! This is where you'll find all the latest changes and additions to the domain. If you're looking for an update for a particular site on the network, check out the archive section above. Individual site updates can be navigated by browsing the tags.

13 Oct '23

Fanlisting Stuff

Happy Friday the 13th! It's almost Halloween again, but no intentions for a new layout or theme to associate my collective domain. However, I have been working on these past few weeks on redesigning and adding in more codes for most of our fanlistings, mainly because the older ones were crying to me for a change. With some code templates Aelyn and I created, this gave us more design varieties for our fanlistings. So far, I've completed 50x50 codes, but I will slowly work on 75x50 and 100x50 later down the line. I'm currently finishing up a few fanlistings that I got approved for, so expect some upcoming updates on them!

Fanlistings aside, I've processed new members for my Pokemon clique. I'm so glad to see this site growing, especially with the rise of Neocities users. In addition, rules, CSS codes, and a few wordings on the index page were slightly adjusted. If you haven't joined the Pokemon clique yet, please do check it out!

category: Fanlisting