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23 Jan '24

FL Theme

Two months ago, I mentioned how I felt towards the Final Fantasy series fanlisting layout that I completed. Well, it still bothered me until 2024, so I finally pulled off a new table-less design which I manage to complete within a day! This theme suits the subject way better than the previous design and the orientation is different than my usual kind of style. You can still switch out to the old one to compare the two designs. With a new layout also comes with revamped codes included as well; the old ones looked horrible.

I've added in 75x50 codes for a few subjects that don't have those available size yet while there are others I'm still working out on. I will be designing 100x50 sizes at some point, but I think I'm beat for the week as I've also started manually adding in old members that I manage to pull from the Internet Archives. I'm so glad that Listing Admin doesn't send out emails that I manually add on the admin panel as long as it doesn't affect wayback-fans.

category: Fanlisting

20 Nov '23

Enchantress of Spira

I got approved for the new fanlisting for Lulu of Final Fantasy X! In the beginning I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to achieve with this design; there wasn't any ideas in mind except to throw in images here and there hoping an idea would miraculously appear. This design took me almost two weeks to finish which includes contemplating...and then closing the file. When inspiration struck, I pulled through and completed the layout! This is probably the darkest theme I threw out there just to suit the character and I am truly happy with the results.

I later discovered the onMouseOver HTML event combined with the image mapping. The only difference with this is that I feel this method is simpler as the previous required cropping every navigation images to individual pieces. I will definitely be using this method more in the future. Go see the fanlisting when you get the chance!

category: Fanlisting

10 Nov '23

New FLs

It's been a while since there was an update on fanlistings. These past couple months, I've added new subjects onto Enamour as well as my review on the designs itself:

  1. BSSM - Chiba Mamoru - Anime: Characters
    After gathering multiple images, I narrowed it down to Takeuchi Naoko's art. There were cityscapes from the original image that I finally put that heal tool to good use on Photoshop to seamlessly create this design. I've included the flying rose petals to remind me of the alter ego, Tuxedo Kamen and also tried to keep the dark theme going to a minimum.
  2. BSSM - Chiba Mamoru & Tsukino Usagi - Anime: Relationships
    When you're in love, you fall into cloud nine. Hence, I added in some pretty clouds along with glass-like polygons to add some shades of pastel colors to the design. The color combination overall was perfect so that there isn't only one color that overkill the rest.
  3. FFVII - Cloud Strife & Aerith Gainsborough (Aeris) - Games: Relationships
    This design was inspired by Lene of Kuchiki! In the beginning, I couldn't get an idea of how I wanted the design to look like to describe their relationship and wasted days reworking over and over again. Then I remembered Lene's domain and motivated me all the way to finish this. I had fun combining the warm tones, floral and vintage look that I manage to pull this design about 2 days!
  4. Tottoko Hamutaro (Hamtaro) - Anime: Series
    When I came across this image, I knew I had to make it to a layout. This image is different than the rest. Normally, they're cartoon-ish, but this image is vector-like. After searching high and low, I finally came across an image of the ocean close to the original image of and seamlessly blended them altogether. The outcome of the design turned out perfect!
  5. Tokyo Ghoul - Anime: Series
    I enjoyed making this layout! The theme was intended to portray the dark anime. The shades of black and red nailed the overall design. In addition, I've changed out the navigation to a floating menu; something just a little different from my other previous designs.
  6. Final Fantasy series - Games
    This design was rather dreadful. It took several images (went from Dissidia to Brave Exvius to World of Final Fantasy just to find almost all main characters to be in one image) to find the right one and I found Tetsuya Nomura's drawings which I felt I could possibly make a layout of. By adding watercolor and making sure all the character's skin to pop, the layout turned out okay. Probably not my greatest, but this will do for now.

I must say that was a lot of fanlistings built in a few months. And I'm happy to have been approved by each and every one of them. Please visit them when you get the chance!

category: Fanlisting

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