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20 Nov '23

Enchantress of Spira

I got approved for the new fanlisting for Lulu of Final Fantasy X! In the beginning I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to achieve with this design; there wasn't any ideas in mind except to throw in images here and there hoping an idea would miraculously appear. This design took me almost two weeks to finish which includes contemplating...and then closing the file. When inspiration struck, I pulled through and completed the layout! This is probably the darkest theme I threw out there just to suit the character and I am truly happy with the results.

I later discovered the onMouseOver HTML event combined with the image mapping. The only difference with this is that I feel this method is simpler as the previous required cropping every navigation images to individual pieces. I will definitely be using this method more in the future. Go see the fanlisting when you get the chance!

category: Fanlisting