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23 Jan '24

FL Theme

Two months ago, I mentioned how I felt towards the Final Fantasy series fanlisting layout that I completed. Well, it still bothered me until 2024, so I finally pulled off a new table-less design which I manage to complete within a day! This theme suits the subject way better than the previous design and the orientation is different than my usual kind of style. You can still switch out to the old one to compare the two designs. With a new layout also comes with revamped codes included as well; the old ones looked horrible.

I've added in 75x50 codes for a few subjects that don't have those available size yet while there are others I'm still working out on. I will be designing 100x50 sizes at some point, but I think I'm beat for the week as I've also started manually adding in old members that I manage to pull from the Internet Archives. I'm so glad that Listing Admin doesn't send out emails that I manually add on the admin panel as long as it doesn't affect wayback-fans.

category: Fanlisting