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29 Mar '24

Enamour v2

It's been 4 years since the last release of Enamour's first layout. I personally didn't think the years would go by so quick. The previous layout really stood its time until Aelyn brought it up! By brainstorming some ideas how we could change the look of the next theme, I felt using a design inspired by Persona 5 would be a great idea. In fact, it's been months since this idea was proposed and we eventually pushed through. After Aelyn completed the main layout, the rest of it (front-end coding and design) was made by yours truly. The simple and clean design of this art is what makes this layout so catchy and truly makes this layout everything that it is. I love the images, the colors (pops of reds, grays, and whites), the formatting, everything. Overall, it's one of my favorite layouts of Enamour to date, until we change it to a new layout that is!

On another note, I Choose You, a Pokémon has reached 200 members! Unfortunately, I have not checked whether some members' sites are up-to-date and has linked to me. Therefore, there will be an expected member pruning sometime around May. I will send an advanced notice to all members around the first week of April; sites will be checked as well as codes to the clique. This will give everyone to update their sites in a timely manner.

category: Enamour