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12 Jun '24

2024 Revamp Roadmap

A second update... and it's another revamp! This layout in particular was something I've been wanting to change for the longest time, 4 years in fact. When I got approved for the Inuyasha fanlisting, I was never contented with the first layout. I've been kicking myself to change the design, time and time again, but I couldn't find the right images until now. The second skin is a big change to the old one. I pretty much worked myself to death in order to finish this project. I'm happy with the way it turned out, even! I've also given it a new title for this layout. You can still view the older design by simply switching the skins at the footer of the fanlisting itself.

Speaking of revamps, I decided to set myself a goal in completing revamps before the year ends. I will be making another revamp list next year. For now, these will be my priority and wil be done around these months, so stay tuned!

  1. BSSM: Sailor Moon/Sailor Chibi Moon (July-August)
  2. Final Fantasy X-2 (September - October)
  3. Paradise Kiss (November - December)

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